Why join our cyclosportive challenge?

Updated: Oct 27, 2019

You have probably already heard a friend say that he was going to sign up for a cyclosportive. You hesitate to accompany him, and think it's not for you? Well, maybe! Here are some reasons that should lead you to pin a bib on a cycling event (even when you're not a top athlete or a seasoned cyclist).

To set a goal

To ride for pleasure is essential. But trying to ride hard every week, in the middle of a busy day or when the weather is bad, it's not always easy. And this, even for the crazy bike (we include ourselves in it)! Having a goal is really a definite plus, an indisputable source of motivation. This may seem inappropriate for the cyclist that we are, pretentious when we do not roll a lot or impressive too. But rest assured, all sportsmen have the right to set a goal. What counts is to set an achievable goal that is unique to oneself. Avoid setting yourself an excessive challenge, under pain of never raising it and being demotivated.

Set a reasonable goal. Think about it when you run out of motivation or when you are in the red in the middle of a training hill. This will help you. And once your goal is achieved you will see the road traveled. You will feel the sensation of having progressed and having accomplished something will motivate you even more for the future.

To challenge

For those who love the competition (no matter what your level) and for those who want to see how far they can go (within reasonable limits), and that's it  ! Take the start of a cyclosportive this year. See if you are able to keep pace with a group, catch the runner in front of you, resist and keep your pace in the last pass before the finish. Test your mind and your pedal stroke, a bit of pride in the effort is never negative. In a word, surpass yourself.

To meet other cyclists

A cyclosportive is a mass participation event, so yes, some are there for the competition but this is not the case for all (fortunately by the way). Conviviality and relaxation are often at the rendezvous during the events and despite the different goal of each, you will always find friendly people to discuss cycling and make a long way together.

For the adventure

Whether you are taking part in a cycling event a few kilometers from your home or at the other end of world, you go for cycling and for yourself. Forget your busy schedule and your daily, afternoon or weekend awaits you with pleasure to ride, new roads and beautiful landscapes in forecast so enjoy!

Here is the cyclosportive where we were present in 2018 and that we recommend you as much for their conviviality as for their courses:

* 'I am a Centurion' (2018)

* 'Kids Cyclothon- A family- friendly ride' (2018)

In '2019- 2020', we will be present again on several events.

This year we are coming up with a series of sportive events-

i) 'Kids Cyclothon (Fun Ride and/ or Fun Run)'- 17th November 2019

ii) 'Century Rider (50km/ 100km)'- 22nd December 2019

iii) 'Duathlon Sportive (3km- 10km- 3km)'- 05th January 2019

iv) 'Walk- Run- Ride'- 23rd February 2019


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A challenge, which brings together various events spread throughout the year. It's your turn.

In the meantime, turn your legs well and register for our athletic events.

See you soon.


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